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In order to initiate a transport for your animal, please fill out our reservation form. We do require all personal items and medications to be listed on the form, as well as contact information for the responsible parties both on the pick up and delivery ends of the transport. A representative will contact you once the form has been submitted.

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As you prepare your animal for his or her transportation services, please review our Trip Checklist. Reviewing this list will ensure your animal has the best possible results throughout his or her trip. If any modifications need to be made to the reservation form (such as adding belongings or medications), please contact us as soon as possible.

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Please read our list of FAQs which should answer most commonly asked questions. If you have any questions about PWB Transport, Inc’s transportation services or reservation process, please contact us. You may call us at  (800) 756-3770, complete a Contact Us form, or send us an email at

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Scheduled Deliveries

Transport #1 – East/West Cross Country Run: Departure every 3 weeks on Thursday. Pickups in San Bernardino on Wednesday Night.

Transport #2 – Pacific Northwest Run: Departure every 2 weeks on Friday. Pickups in San Bernardino on Thursday Night.

Please Contact Us for more details.

About Paws Without Borders

PWB Transport, Inc was founded by a family with a strong love and commitment to the well-being of dogs and animals. Many dogs are in shelters around the country and are waiting to be rescued by a loving new family. PWB Transport, Inc helps deliver these animals to their new homes around the country safely and securely. The animals are always handled with love and care, as we know you would want them handled. Our commitment to the safety of our animals is paramount, and you can rest assured knowing that your animals will be well-cared for during the entire transportation process.

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PWB Transport is proud to support our active duty military and law enforcement officers.

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